Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lemans GT Green

I haven't seen too many cool cars recently,

but this one is amazing!!!! even though it's a couple of years old.

I simply love everything about it.

Pity it's just a design study


Thursday, March 15, 2012

World government?

When is this going to happen?

The united nations is a joke
Countless meetings ending in disagreement

Politicians from Waring nations Sit side by side and share an evening buffet while their citizens fight for "freedom"

Freedom is a lost concept

If it were true I could go anywhere live anywhere use anything

Workers are not free
They are chained to a desk or shovel as the

When is everyone going to entrust control to an independent group

Eliminate Money
Install a fair and equal environment

Communism has some potential

But modernization forces the minimum required level for equality higher

When people can't meet this level
Poverty results

What!!?? You dont have an iPhone
You are poor.

When will everything and everyone be free?

It will Never happen !!

The immortal jellyfish

If this beast never dies
And can go through life phases

If we revert to the fountain of youth and get younger

Do our memories disappear also as our brain gets younger

Think about that one!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Growth is WAR.

Governments around the world are hell bent on growth.

Only 4% growth. How farcical. HAAHAHAHA!

Financial markets wait with baited breath for fake figures released to show signs of a countries "growth".
Two periods of decline and you enter a depression... oooh scary words. The world should be happy when this happens and take a sigh of relief.

When will the world realize you can't grow forever. Sustainability must be the answer.

A little case study.

Lets make a product.
How many competitors do we have? The answer is often "Who cares?"
So let's sell our "technologically superior" product and get market share.

If we capture a large portion of the new innovators and start a phenomenon, we are set, and start to profit financially and politically with real power.
Then we expand to all the countries of the world. (Notably a finite number)
Eventually covering the world reaching billions of people creating an ARMY of supporters and Nations of Slaves..<--- more later.

But the stock holders are still not happy with our 1000% growth.
They want more. WTF?  hang on...

You have become so-called successful but you still need to grow? Why? Greed? Stupidity? Why? Because success is only based on Money and the spread of an "antiquated but accepted methodology" that fits into the too hard to change category.

So lets "buy out, take over, force out, dominate, restrict" all of our competition. It's the only way to get bigger. Pretty soon you are a monopoly,

but the stock holders are not happy.
They want more. WTF?  hang on...

You expand more taking over related companies, Manufacturing Plants -> Shipping -> Electricity Supply

Soon you become bigger than most smaller countries and you own entire towns that your employees work and live in.

but the stock holders are not happy.
They want more. WTF?  hang on...

No one is happy with 1,000,000 % growth. WTF?  

Because now you are not satisfying the company. You are satisfying the country and ultimately the world. The citizens depend on you for employment and support as well as the products you provide.

Your company (along with many others) becomes an indispensable asset for the COUNTRY so the country starts to support it and tax payers unknowingly pay for these companies to expand as they employ more and more of the countries workers.

It's an endless cycle. It may start with a small idea from one person, but it ends up being a government supported organisation. The logical progression would be for the most successful company to take over running of government services and eventually the entire government itself.

The meager product becomes a nation. WTF? hang on!

Another countries alternative product (and it's support of allies) soon becomes the driver for financial and territorial wars.

Should we go to war to defend a phone or a TV channel? WTF... hand on?

What am I saying? I am saying...

GROWTH is NOT a good measure of success. It logically leads to defense of territory and outright WAR.

Dream on careless society. Sleep tight.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Global Citizen?

These days, I am feeling less and less association with any one country and more with the world.

I live in Japan, my sister lives in Scotland with other family in Australia and all my friends are from many countries including England, America, France, Italy etc. Most have mixed race marriages and many have children in the same vein. My Facebook acquaintances are worldwide and I watch global news every day because the stock market runs on global information for international companies. The weather is changing and placing pressure on the world to change or be changed. While all these issues are interlinked in some way, it definitely raises the question.

What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

While global inequalities exist, the fight for preferential systems of care and support create a big divide among it's citizens and put pressure on services. Developing nations require developed nations help for techniques and machinery however it's usually the developed world that requires the use of developing nations labor for product services. While this is essentially developed nations setting a standard for what a culture should be, there is no denying that many developing countries are following the ideals of the west and heading toward a growth based society driven by inequality. (I'll discuss this more later.)

So, look around your house. check your "Made In _____" labels and make sure you are not hypocritical in your accusations of like or dislike. I like my iPhone designed in America, sent to China by computers installed all over the world, assembled and made in China, shipped around the world by foreign built ships from Russia and Korea, using oil from Nigeria and Sudan by  foreign crews to my local Japanese store, transported by Japanese trucks and sold by local staff. I pay by credit card from an Australian bank having spent money on security to protect the transactions.

So think of the global chain and your brothers and sisters. So thank you my brothers and sisters all over the world.

Without the support of all of us however. The greedy thirst built into us from youth is hard to extinguish. Japan has really helped to open my eyes to many issues. The world is on a bit of a collision course for technological and social domination. My brothers and sisters will need to work on this.

In the near future as "free/greed" trade beckons to speed up the collapse of specialist cultures and traditional techniques, youth are provided for and do not have any dream or goal. A new homogeneous culture will need to be developed. What that includes I'd like to be a part of.

Time shall tell a new story.

By the way. My cheap sand-paper made with cheap glue simply is useless. But I forget that millions of people don't even know what sandpaper is. So is that ok. I think so for now. These people are making products they have never used before or never will use. That's the modern greed.

Russell Gander.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Low Riding Riggs

The photos of the 11:11 are pretty cool. The colour, lighting location. A modern classic.

First the truck is insane.  low riding low profile truck! yes it's a TRUCK!

read more here here

It's not the only one, if you have to transport something. why not in something cool.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Human rebuilding

Stems cells and the human genome. Where does this DNA research lead?

Current DNA experiments include mice with double strength, organ regrowth and many other directions. It's pretty easy to conceive that within the decade there will be big changes in this area.

As governments with less morality experiment with the human genome, experimental human enhancement WILL be commonplace. Transplants with grown body parts and replicated human structures reminds us of Blade Runner and a possible reality.

We can already enhance the body with "banned" substances like growth hormone and cross bred injected substances from many sources. The policing of these experiments is vastly voluntary and it doesn't happen until the "secret is out".

It's probably just as easy to conceive that secret research is already well underway and could be brought to market quickly.

So we shall wait for the super oxygenated blood drinks in a can. The lung capacity nano drug and the rejuvenation ointment.

How much they will cost is unknown,  but they will come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Following my previous post. I couldn't get te37V to look good on the stock body. Problem solved. Thanks to Nogami-san.

For those who don't know. NOPRO is Nogami Project. Nogami-san has raced in many kinds of motorsport in Japan but specialized his tuning company on the MX5. This NB Coupe was the final NB bodykit version. Front is +40mm and rear is +50mm per side as GT/N2 regulations allow. This particular car ran a 1.8 with NOS for that extra kick. Filling those guards, some deep 16" te37V LL face wheels would be perfect.

 I have started a new blog called .RSG. (.resonant simple graphics.) for my new and customer projects. Race car livery design is the main purpose.

If deep RS Watanabe in about -31 offset don't get enough attention.

Don't add msg. Add some .RSG. for a bit of spice.

The GT fenders are also available with skirts and extra bits as shown on the 2 Nopro demo cars.

The convertible / later a hardtop is awesome in itself, but the coupe is on another level!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


F1, Daniel Simon, HRT, Kamui and more.

Where to start? One post or many... we shall see. Sometimes worlds collide.

Let's start with Daniel Simon. I'll call him the cosmic magician.

A long time ago, I saw his design book called Cosmic Motors. Unlike Syd Mead's concepts, Daniel's use of very modern tools creates a totally different image thats's finished and incredible.

While I dable with design on paper and basic photo manipulation, the time to turn my designs to art doesn't eventuate. Maybe one day.
My scrap book is large.

Anyway. Somehow he has managed to carve a design career with cars. Recently he was linked to HRT f1 team to design Kamui and co's F1 Livery

The result is something very cool! I'm recently designing a few more vehicle liveries myself so I'm always interested in this kind of merging of artists and mechanics.

Maybe I'll post some sketches of the Bently LM I've been working on.

F1 recently has a lot of changes. Some I like, some I don't Some are useless. Maybe thats another post.


NBC = No Bull Crap

I love my FD3s Rx7s but if you are after a car thats fun and has way more bang for the buck then you can't really go past a tuned NB Roadster. And they don't look bad either.

Hairdressers No. Your hair will be messed up in no time. That's one thing I never understood about that myth of open top cars. I'm bald, I don't care but I love convertibles.

Keyword is Tuned

From the factory these cars have some interesting things including a 6 speed manual gearbox. Turbo cars are fun but complicated and that means money and reliability is compromised.

This NA demo car from Tomei has most of my favourite components and would definately be a wonderful car to drive to and at the track.

Doesn't need much.

TEIN Dampers HR
TOMEI Computer
TOMEI Camshaft
TOMEI technical trax LSD
OS Giken Super Racing Clutch

Maxim Works Manifold
K&N filter
and some brake pads.
Thats pretty much it. But add some ITBs and you have a car that screams.
Add a BRIDE VIOS3 Bucket and youre ready. Maybe a cage if you get more serious.

Advan RGII (7J-16-+35) +Neova in size 205-55-16 means that replacements are really cheap. 16" tyres are consumables for track days and this is a great alternative. Even 15 inch rims are a viable option.

Garage Vary TYPE-N Aero on the Tomei Demo car is cool, but the front bar is controversial. Garage Vary's Demo Coupe is another No Bullshit car. Pure NA screamer with smaller rims for low cost racing.

The Roadster Cup races at Fuji Speedway in Japan and other Spec Miata races are very popular for a reason. These cars are great affordable sport.

I'd like the widebody effect of the Nopro demo car, but it's not necessary. that forces more expense, but the front bumper (re-amemiya) style looks great.

Hmmm. Street / Track. Can It be done in a Roadster.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Supra Dream

You secretly want one of these! Don't you?

Watanabe offsets for 15" are 15x9 -13 or 15x9.5 -19  or 15x10 -25 or 15x10.5 -32
Watanabe offsets for 16" are 16x9 -13 or 16x9.5 -19
and a big 205 stretch

IMO 17 don't match the period.

Something that says Made In Japan.

15x8 -19 195 / 55 R15
15x10 - 48 205 / 50 R15 Maybe a little too much for me.

This dash is just retro cool!
16"  Wats

I'm thinking 16x9.5 -19 should be good in the back with stock flared guards.

White and Watanabe

White and TE37V

Rays Offsets for the 15" are
L 82mm Lip Version 15x9.0 -15 5.4kg

L 82mm Lip Version 15x9.5 -20 5.5kg
LL 94.5mm Lip Version 15x10 -25 5.7kg
Rays Offsets for the 16" are
L Lip Version 16x9.0 -20 .
LL 90mm Lip Version 16x9.5 -25 
LL 90mm Lip Version 16x10 -30 
LL 90mm Lip Version 16x10.5 -32 7.0kg
Again it's the LL thats only worth having.

Gun Metal TE37V too cool

Good sizing research

Front: 15x8 -25 195/50-15

Rear: 15x10 -25 205/50-15 rears are a tad outside the line.

Other options are Panasport G7-CR8 and G7-CR8  in custom sizing for stupid prices.

Work Miester CR01
Gotti 075

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leafy ECO Disguise

The Nismo RC (not Remote Control) but RACE CAR.

In Japan this thing has just been released as the answer to ECO FRIENDLY RACING and maybe a case of bad timing.

Lets say 938kg and 0-100 in 6.86 seconds and lasts 20Minutes. At the moment, this is OK and could be feasible replacement for the "toyota vitz cup" a low cost slow race car series. hardly exciting for a tv event ata major circuit where the main straight at fuji would take about 40seconds to complete.
So a sprint race at full charge n a small circuit is OK, but an endurance race is out. for the time being.

Recharging is where the dilemma happens.

At the moment in Japan (sight of the Nuclear disaster) 200,000 people have been evacuated from their homes around the fukushima power plant.

The Leaf RC gets it's recharge directly from nuclear energy and while it is relatively cheaply produced, it has recently exposed many to radiation and the ongoing effects of evacuations continue.
Wild life and livestock directly in the effected area will DIE! and the fish, bird and land animal populations will be severely impacted. Cockroaches will be OK! true.

As a result of this disaster TOKYO has been told to save energy while 100% EV electric vehicle owners are still plugging in their super efficient electricity wasters at a time when it's not fashionable.

example. I will drive my EV anytime while you get in the stinky train without airconditioning and suffer at home in blackout conditions twice a day.

Sometimes, the intent is there but the reality doesn't match.


Sell them to China where their coal burning power stations recharge the green electric car.

Balance and reality.

The need for alternate energy power is now. I'd love to get a job in this area, but unsure how to start that one. More thinking.

In any case, I hope this gets the population thinking about energy again.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love

I am pretty big Idol fan. Billys image is always a little harder than most of the music, but there are some that match.

He always a cool groove. Smooth. Steve Stevens on guitar is AWESOME!

I always liked this video, and Scream

But there's some slow ones that are sensual. Sweet 16

 and eyes without a face. Watch the claps in this one.

Blur - Song 2

Short and sweet, Brit rock at its best.


Wake up today